Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good afternoon, I think

I hope everyone had a better night than my little granbdson had. Poor baby woke up about 1:30 throwing up. So we were up trying to keep medicine down. We used the drive thru at Walgreens to get some Emetrol. If you've never tried this it stops vomiting. (at least it has always worked for us-we've been using this stuff for over 30 years) So while he was resting I did a couple of blog hops. One is the Think Pink blog hop, starting with and the other is Momo's birthday bash which has been going on all week, start at craftingwith
They both have such wonderful projects to show. I got the chance to follow some wonderful blogs. They were all so talented.
My GS is feeling better now and able to keep sprite down. so maybe I can create something. My "E" is feeling abandoned. I think I'm having withdrawal!
God bless and be creative.

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  1. Oh I hope he's feeling better! Nothing worse than a sick little one!