Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday "cake"

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is my DIL's Birthday. We always give her money or a gift card, which is what she wants, but I wanted to do a little extra. So I made the birthday cake box on Sweet Tooth Boxes. I filled it with some of her favorite chocolates.She loves chocolate.
This is the recipe.
Sweet Tooth Boxes - cake box cut @ 11"
Mother's Day 2010 - 2 flowers cut @ 5.18" and 2 flowers cut @ 4.41"
Flower Shoppe - flower center cut @ 4.18
Leaves cut by hand.

Thanks for stopping by.Hugs and God Bless. Stephanie
This is not one of my best efforts but I had to use it.
For those who asked, I did go to the Dr. and I do have a sinus infection. I also have high cholesterol. So I got meds for both. Have a great evening.


  1. Cute idea! I wonder if I'll remember that when I need it? :)

  2. This turned out wonderful Stephanie! I LOVE that flower on top.... it's such a lovely touch! Glad to hear you went to see the Dr.! Sorry to hear its a sinus infection & HIGH CHOLESTEROL... Oops! Someones been eating toooo much BACON! HAHAHAHA HUGS! :o)

  3. Great job Stephanie,I have this cartridge and can't wait to have a real play.Love how you made this cake.
    Glad you're all sorted.