Sunday, September 18, 2011

E2 contest

Hi everyone. I've been sort of at a standstill since last Sunday when I finished up the things for my GS B-day party. Too many sympathy cards, too. Just haven't been able to get it together.
During the week I read about PC's E2 contest on HSN on the MB. I thought wow I would like to try that. Couldn't get going. Maybe the planets wouldn't line-up just right. Entries have to be in by 5pm on the 21st.
Finally last night I got an idea. It's not fancy but I think it's cute. Who knows maybe they'll like it. (I could use some validation right about now) Anyway I made the whole thing in a few hours last night. (which is good for me) I will overnite it tomorrow.
After the 26th I will post it. I don't know if you can do it before. I really wanted to keep it. I used all my fav colors. Maybe I'll see it on air. We'll see.
Has anyone else made a banner for the contest?
Hope everyone has a wonderful day. God bless and hugs, Stephanie


  1. I am right there with ya! I really wanted to get in on this one too, but I couldn't get a single thing together in my brain, so I skipped it. I have seen a couple of other people post their designs, but I would wait too... although I am dying to see it! Can't wait! I bet is is gorgeous!

  2. I am sending you lots of crafty hugs and luck for the contest! You have been amazing with your posts and keeping up with things. I haven't hardley crafted since July! I did help with my niece's wedding a bit and another niece's engagement celebration but with the craziness, didn't post it!
    Keep up the great projects!

  3. I bet it's just FABULOUS Stephanie! I didn't join in... Been tooo busy.... but I have great thoughts going through my head for you! I can't wait to see what you created! :o)