Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good evening

Hi, everyone. No, I don't have a new card. Just a pic of my grandson.
He is in kindergarten and this week is drug free week. Everyday there is  something different going on. Today they wore silly socks but Monday was '70's day. Now you can't find anything tie dyed or hippie-like for little boys so we improvised.
At a halloween store they had lots of stuff for adults but not kids. They did have a Quickie hippie kit - blue lens granny glasses, peace sign necklace and headband. I used Groovy Times and cut the peace sign and groovy out of vinyl. I just stuck it on his clothes and it worked.
So here's the quick pic I snapped right before we left for school.
Thanks for looking and God bless. Stephanie


  1. What a HOOT!! I love this! He's a perfect little hippie!! Remeber the Halloween we all went as beatniks??? Does that date us, or what??!! I know he had a blast! You did a great job!