Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm on a roll!

Well, I guess I'm really shocking a lot of you, 4 new projects in 4 days, and posted! I can hardly believe it myself. I really want to thank all of you who continually check out my blog when there is nothing new to see. And when by chance there is something, you are always so nice and encouraging. Ya'll give me a big boost. Now for the project.
I really had fun with this one. It just grew from a simple card, you know, the ideas just keep coming.
This is a gift for my nephew who just bought his first house and moved on his own. He's only 22 and he's like a "babe in the woods" when it comes to the everyday of having your own  home. I think it will be a fun learning process. We'll all help.
I think this turned out pretty cute. I used 8 carts but that is no bother with the Gypsy. (I'm so glad I learned to use it)  Here's the recipe:
George - 2 rectangles welded together for the card - card size 3 1/8 x 4 3/8
Handyman - house cut at 3.94
Stand & Salute - clouds cut at 1.0
Animal Kingdom - dog (labrador) cut at 3.24
Everyday pop-up cards - tree cut at 4.18
Create a Critter - grass cut at .84
My Community - small mailbox cut at 1.0, large mailbox cut at 20.41, fence (welded to card) cut at 1.71
Plantin Schoolbook - address numbers cut at 1,71
So this is my project. I love how it turned out. My husband was even impressed with the package decorations. Can't wait to give it to him at his housewarming Saturday.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think. Take care and God bless. Stephanie
I'm back. I just had to add some grass on the post of the mailbox.  Now I'm happy with it.
Thanks for looking. Any opinions?


  1. Oh Wow! Every single bit of this post is just amazing! I love how you decorated the package too! Wonderful!!!

  2. This turned out wonderful. Love the little mailbox.

  3. It took me a few surprise there!...then I realized the mailbox on the present is actually the "envelope" for the card! That's positively diabolical!!! and I LOVE it! Just too neat for words! So sorry we had to miss the housewarming!
    Love ya!

  4. Oh my word! This is so darn cute! inside and out! Love how the fence folds super cute!