Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi, all!

Today is kind of an odd day for me. My mom died 1 year ago today.I just feel like I'm supposed to "do" something. It's just really weird.  Sometimes my phone will ring and my first thought is, "That's probably mom."
It's just been a strange year. So today I thought I'd do something I enjoy. She loved my cards and had saved everyone of them. I have them back now. So I'm posting my latest card.
This one is for my niece's hubby. He likes hunting and fishing so this one has that kind of theme. It was hard to finish because I usually print my own sentiments on my computer. For some reason my printer has stopped printing the whole message. It prints only some lines and cuts some lines in half horizontally. Really frustrating. At first we thought it was the printer, but it will copy a document just right. So maybe it's mocrosoft word. I don't know. All I know is I can't type and print my own sentiments.
Oh well. back to the card. I seem to go off on tangents a lot lately.
For this one I used Campin Critters, here's the recipe:
forest 1 with layers cut at 3.94
deer tree with layers cut at 3.24
fishin moose with layers cut at 3.94
"Happy Birthday" and "For you" are stamps I had
The labels are nesties
The corners are a MS punch

Sorry to ramble. Thanks for visiting.Hugs and God bless, Stephanie.


  1. Great card! I like how you finished both panels on the inside too. Looks nice. I know exactly how you feel about your mom. I lost mine 2005 and even after all these years there are times that I reach for the phone to call her. It is a weird feeling. Hopefully your crafting will make you feel better :-)


  2. So sorry you're feeling weird today. :( Whenever I feel "weird" I do something for myself... get a manicure, go to my acupuncturist, or just sit at the beach and people watch. Definitely hang out in the craft room for a few. ;) Beautiful card, btw!

  3. Sorry for your loss, Stephanie. My mom has been gone a long time now. She died at 48 and I still have melancholy days. Your loss is so much more recent, it's totally understandable to feel that you should recognize the day in some way, but not know how to do such a thing. Mourning is so individual. When I feel that way, I usually just spend some time in reflection on her and the time we had. Maybe journaling would help you, if that's something you like. We don't want to be enslaved to grief, but should remember that those we lost always live in us. Have a Blessed week!

  4. Great looking card! Such cute Cricut cuts! Inside looks wonderful too!
    It is so special that your Mom saved all your cards--you know that she loved them!
    Praying that your days are being blessed with wonderful memories of your Mom's love!

  5. I am sending you hugs and prayers as you continue to deal with this difficult loss. I think it is wonderful that you honored her birthday by doing something that she clearly loved.. your lovely crafting. :) This card is wonderful. The more I see of this fabulous cartridge, the more I hope to get it! I love the cute scenes and especially love that you made the inside so lovely, too. Marvelous work. I am so glad you happened upon my blog... I am happy to be your newest follower. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope that you found comfort in her memories. Your card is so awesome! I love the cuts you used! I just love this cart...so many fun images!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Your card is adorable Stephanie! :O) I think it's soooo special that your mom kept all the cards you've ever made her... I'm sure she's looking upon you and happy to see you doing what you love.. crafting :o)