Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday

So glad it's Friday. It's been a long week.
Today I made plans to go to my sister's house and start going through mom's pictures. No one would believe how many there are. We got through 2 small boxes and we have 2 very large boxes (3'tall x 18"wide x 18"deep)
Do you realize how many pictures can fit in those boxes? It's going to take a while to say the least.
We really loved seeing all the old family stuff. I can't wait to scrap all those sepia and black and whites. We also have multiples of so many.
Any way the reason for this post. This morning while we were getting ready for school I decided to make an Easter basket for my sister using TBBM2. I was so proud that I got it finished. It usually takes me much longer.
I cut it at 5" out of DCWV zebra print cardstock and decorated it with hot pink flowers. I used a MS flower punch and a 1/4 flower punch. I added stickles to all the centers.  I think I'll cut bigger ones to use for the kids for Easter. This size would be cute to put around the house with treats in them.

Thanks for visiting. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie
Sorry for the blurriness. Pictures were taken in a hurry.


  1. Love your Easter Basket.Especially the flowers.So Cute!TFS

  2. Such a cute cute Easter basket - love it!!!

  3. This is so pretty. I love this basket cut and really like all the added beautiful.
    Jayne x

  4. First off.... I'm gonna tell ya that I'm totally JEALOUS!!! You have TBBM 2 And I don't yet! UGH! LOL And Secondly this is such a CUTE Basket! Your sister is gonna just love this! And wow about all the pictures! Good luck with that one cuz I know it's gonna take DAYS to go thru! But it should be fun hanging with your sister looking thru them and reminiscing!:o)

  5. Wow! Incredible baskets! I didn't even know these were possible! Great Job!

  6. loveeee your basket!!