Sunday, March 11, 2012

K stick horse

Hi, all. How's your day going? We have an 80% chance of rain today...and it isn't raining. YEA!!! We are so waterlogged. Standing water everywhere.
I alluded to a new school project a few days ago, well it's all over.
The kids were sent home with copies  of the horses head, mane and ears, front and back. Instructions were to put together the head, decorate and attach it to a stick.
My grandson colored it (and very nicely, I might add). We added a yarn mane, large wiggly eyes and added some punches to dress up the bridal. I could have added lots of beads and other bling but I have to control myself as this is for a little boy to ride in a hallway parade at school. Can't give other kids any reason to make fun of him. He was very happy with it and had a good time. Unfortunately we weren't invited to watch the parade, so not pics of that.
This is what we started with.
After coloring.
I put the head together. (which didn't fit and had to be cut to fit) My hubby attached the pole and rein. They had to be drilled.
He was very serious about this project.
Thanks so much for looking. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. What a CUTE idea, the yarn mane looks terrific and his coloring looks great! What a fun activity!!

  2. What a fantastic project! That boy has some skills!!! I wonder what he would do with some copics! Thanks for sharing! This is awesome!!!

  3. I think your horse turned out great. His coloring is wonderful. I always hated these projects personally. Some families don't have the talents (I know you just said drilling holes, but we all know people who that would be a stumper for) for this and some just take over the projects and go so over the top. I think you hit it just right ;- )