Thursday, October 18, 2012

Midcounty Madness

Hi everyone. This weekend is Midcounty Madness for our high school. This is our biggest rivalry game. Port Neches-Groves (us) plays Nederland (our next-door town) Great fun and team spirit. Here in southeast Texas high school is very BIG. All the schools in the district participate. There are hall parades and pep rallys at all the schools.
My 7yr. old grandson had to make a drum for their parade.  Our colors are purple and white. EVERYONE wears the colors. It's just a part of our lives. We are the Port Neches-Groves Indians. (PN-G, NDN's) My grandson can't wait till it's time for the parade.
Here's his drum.

Thanks for dropping by. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

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