Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rise and Shine

Good morning everyone. (hope you haven't given up on me) I'm having trouble getting it together these days. School seems to have that effect on me.

Three weeks of school and they've already sent home 2 new t-shirts to buy, a special
spirit" picture, and the first fundraiser. (you know, the cookie dough, pies, and wrapping paper that costs 3 times what you pay anywhere else) In our neighborhood everyone has someone in their family selling the exact thing, so there isn't anyone to sell to. So I buy a couple of things and call it a day.

So between the sells, homework, remembering when everything is due, my appointments and hubby's appointments I'm a bit scattered. I find myself cutting things out just for Gabe. He likes things on his walls. Leading up to this cute sign.

Gabe gets up each school day at 6:30. When I found this sign in the Sil store, the time was generic. He made sure I cut the hands to truly represent his "get up" time.

I think it turned out pretty cute.
Thanks for stopping by. 
Huge and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Stephanie, we all have those kinds of days.

    Your project is too cute!

  2. What a cute little sign - love that you fixed the hands at his time to 'rise and shine"! Also love the papers and colors you used.
    I don't have any little ones to get up and ready for school every day but I know what you mean about the "sales"...uuughhh. I got hit up every which way last night at church from all the little ones in my class. I hate not to buy, but I can' buy from one and not the others and I DO NOT need that many buckets of choc chip cookie dough or overpriced gift wrap. And, of course my granddaughter will be selling stuff also and this Nonna can't tell her Hope you have a wonderful day my sweet friend!

  3. It is wonderful Stephanie. Totally understand about the school fundraisers - I do exactly the same - buy a couple of things, or donate a small amount of money. After all, everyone lives locally and therefore has the same thing. I don't even have family near, having emigrated here to Canada, so can't even get them. So we do what we can and every little helps, but I don't go overboard. Have a great evening.

  4. I hear you with the fundraisers and school blues as well!! Super cute sign, I love how you personalized it with his time!!

  5. I hear you with the fundraisers and school blues as well!! Super cute sign, I love how you personalized it with his time!!

  6. Stephanie this is wonderful! I bet he loves it. TFS.
    I know what you mean about school taking over the day. I have come home so exhausted that I have been taking 3-5 hour naps each day. lol. Way too tired to craft so I do a little after the nap and on the weekends. Luckily I can say no to the fundraisers since if I buy from one student I feel I must do them all. 315 kiddos is a bit much. lol
    Crafty hugs my friend,

  7. I love this Stephanie! I think it is a great wake up sign!! I hear you on the overload of school starting, fundraiser drove me crazy. Like you I bought from all 6 boys and called it a day! Then Bret got older and didn't even want to do the fundraisers, so that was cool by me. I'd just donate some money instead-which I'd rather do anyway. Good luck with getting settled in school my friend! Hugs!

  8. Stephanie this is awesome! It did turn out cute! I love it to be honest, cute sign that definitely displays some Gabe's personality and lifestyle. I love anything that is personalized so this is pretty darn awesome!

  9. I remember those sales! They don't do them here where I live "Thank Goodness"! But I do understand what ya mean... Cuz I had to purchase stuff from 2 little boys (my sons) at the time when we lived in Las Vegas.... UGH! I also understand the scheduling of a child still in school... luckily we don't have to get up at 6:30am either! :o) I started my youngest in Flag football, so first game is this next week... don't know what I was thinking cuz game starts while I'm still at work... I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that! LOL Any who.... your adorable sign is wonderful... full of vibrate colors and the hands on the clock are a wonderful addition! Keep up the great work Grandma! :O)

  10. This is just wonderful, Steph... My son is all grown and long out of school, but I live 7 houses from a grammar school and each morning I see the kidlets trekking down the sidewalk, lugging books, heading for their day. Your adorable sign is so cute.

  11. Love your sign Steph! It's hard with everything isn't it?! I have been so absent from blogland I am desperately trying to get back to blogging! If it wasn't for DT commitments not sure I would have crafted much!!! Miss you at BBTB2.
    Jayne x

  12. Just checking in and saying "hi"! Hope you're having better days!!! Take care and we'll see you when your ready!