Friday, November 15, 2013

A little Thanksgiving decor

Hooray it's Friday! Are you as glad as I am? It's been a crazy week. And to top it off, yesterday I started getting these crazy ads. Something called ad surf. Crazy pop ups every time I try to open a site or email and loud commercials.

I'm also getting ads to "fix" my computer and update media player. It also says you may or may not need to update. I can't get them to stop.

I did figure out how to disable "ad surf". I'm hoping this takes care of most of it. I wake up every morning with my coffee and emails and believe me this has not been relaxing. Oh well, never a dull moment. Maybe I've added a few new brain cells to this 63 yr. old brain. haha

Enough craziness. I have a few photos to show you.

I usually don't decorate much for Thanksgiving. I have some wood pieces I painted years ago but I haven't done much with paper. This year I'm finding so much that I love and I'm cutting a lot of it. 

(I just hit enter and got an ad for a new car, I guess the ads aren't done)

Today I'm going to show you my banner.

All this is cut with files from the Silhouette store. I never thought I would love a machine that has to be hooked up to a computer. But I can choose files and make what I want so much faster.

Please don't be distracted by the pins. I set up this banner ribbon to be used over and over so I wouldn't have to climb up a step ladder and try to center each time I changed d├ęcor. This way makes it much easier for me.

So thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend. I have so much I want to cut. (Heaven!)

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Oh, what a fabulous banner, Stephanie! Love it! So festive and pretty. LOVE the rosettes on the ends with those amazing turkeys. Lovely fall leaves, too. This is sooooo right up my holiday-loving alley!
    So sorry to hear about all those ads and computer frustrations. I have no idea how to make it all stop.....:(

  2. What a gorgeous banner! Love the colors and pretty little leaves. Your rosettes turned out beautifully also. I love my cameo also, it's so wonderful to just type in "turkey" and immediately have 100 turkeys available to chose from! Sure beats pulling out all those carts and flipping thru all those handbooks doesn't it my friend?!

  3. Fabulous banner and I too love my cameo. I can't remember the last time I sued my Cricut. Hope you manage to sort our the problem soon.

  4. Love your banner Steph! Don't they just make the house so festive?! You know Donna said she was having the same problem of pop up ads. How on earth do they get on there?! It's enough to drive you crazy!! I hope you can get them to stop. Hugs!!

  5. Hey Stephanie... Have you downloaded anything lately? Besides Silhouette Related? If so it may be why you have those pop ups... :o) LOVE the BANNER my friend! Very cool! And I'm with you..... My Silhouette is my BABY! My "other" machines are in a closet! At least I can let my friends barrow my cartridges! LOL