Saturday, April 5, 2014


Is it possible to have a menopause relapse after more than 25 years? Because I think it's happening to me now! Tears have been brought on just like the "change." (not a pretty sight)

Today started out like a normal Saturday - wake early, drink coffee and read emails.

Then I decided I would update Silhouette Studio. Was not worried - the others have all gone smoothly. Well it did update without a hitch. So what's my problem, you ask?

The changes! Nothing works like it used to.  I did not know how to do all the "extra" stuff DE allowed but I could choose a file, put paper on a mat, load said mat, choose paper type, double cut or not and press cut. It worked.  My extra thick cover stock - speed 1 or 2, blade 9 and double cut - cut perfectly.

This morning I happily sat down to cut some more Easter stuff. (hubby gone for a couple of days) Set up looks different but I didn't panic. (I can do this) right?

I chose the egg wreath to cut. I wanted heavy cs for the base. When you choose the materials you are using, the menu for the blade settings drops down. I chose speed 1, blade 9, and double cut. Simple, right?
You do not hit "cut" now it's "send to silhouette."  I can deal with that.

It starts cutting. It pauses between cuts. After it cuts the first line, it pauses 5 to 10 seconds before it moves on. When it finished it paused 22 seconds before moving the carriage to the left to remove the mat. It did not double cut, I had to manually start at the beginning 3 times to get it to cut through the cover stock. Oh but then I couldn't remove the mat, and I couldn't move the cut off the mat and put the rest of the design on the mat. I had to "open the move window" to remove the design or get a new one to cut. How is extra steps better?

I know it's probable my fault, something I'm not doing right, but come on it worked fine before. I wish I had not updated. This reminds me of the dreaded Gypsy updates. UGH!

Any suggestions that will save my sanity would be greatly appreciated.

If you lasted through all this, bless you!

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. I saw this at she showed how to undo the update. Hope it helps. Luckily I chose not to update!

  2. There seems they had a few bugs. Hope you are able to sort it. Facebook has a lot of advice on the Silhouette page and links to change back to the original version. Sorry you have had a bad day, hugs coming your way.

  3. Oh my sweet friend, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this mess! I saw several posts on facebook about different issues with the update and decided I would just wait it out (flashbacks of Cricut updates).
    I think most people who are having this problem have had to go back to the earlier version. I hope you can get back to your original settings.
    And, pleeeease...tell me that menopause only comes once! I'm dealing with it now and hope I don't have to do this EVER again!!

  4. Oh no that is awful!
    I sure hope you can get it restored to the former version.
    I keep avoiding the updates and now I am glad I did.
    So sorry for your frustrating crafty time.
    Crafty hugs,

  5. That sounds horribly frustrating , an update is suppose to make things easier , not create this kind of mess!!!! I feel for you and wish I could help but I have yet to get a Sihoulette and have never updated my cricut.... sending tons of love and hugs your way sweetie and I hope the girls here have directed you to fixing the issue somehow...xxxxx

  6. Oh my Stephanie, it sounds all so very frustrating! Yes, just like the updates with Cricut. I wish I had the fix for you, but I don't have a Cameo. I sure hope someone comes on with a fix for you though. Hang in there!!! Big hugs

  7. You better NOT be telling me Menopause happens more than once! Cuz I'm going through it early.... as did my Mom & Sister.... and I certainly don't want to go through it a second time!!!! UGH!!! I mean geez.... the Fan on then the fan off then on then off! OMGOSH... Nooooo way! :o) Any who.... I had the same issues... I hadn't read any issues before I downloaded it... If I had I soooo would have waited.... I tried to go back to the older version... still have a few kinks with it.... Trying to find my CD... but can't.... But at least I got the old screen back & Working.... Just can't drag & drop like I did before... :o)

  8. Oh Stephanie hang in there! I'm sorry you had problems, but I'm so thankful to you for posting about them, as I was going to update but haven't had time--now I know to wait this one out~! Thanks for sharing my friend!

  9. OMGoodness, I would be pulling my hair out! I'm so sorry for all the frustrations, my friend, and I hope the advice you've gotten above helps restore your former program...unfortunately, I couldn't get that machine to work to save my life, so I'm NO help!