Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little sympathy

Happy Sunday, everyone. Are you able to do what you planned this weekend? Mine has not exactly worked out as hoped.(what a surprise) haha

Saturday hubby announced he wanted to make a batch of breakfast burritos. He is the only one who eats them, he likes to freeze them so he will have an easy breakfast before he leaves to play golf.

I told him fine but I was not doing them. (yeah, right)
We got it all cooked, he did not want any of it to be too wet. We let it cool and it was too dry. So he added water and reheated so the potatoes would smash. (he used the square diced frozen hash browns because he did not want them to smash) Still wasn't enough moisture. So he went to the store and bought 2 cans of refried beans. (he used whole pintos beans because he did not want them to be smashed) Now finally the texture is the right consistency. (does that make sense?)

So we let it all cool while we went to church. Got home and we made the individual burritos and got them ready for the freezer. This took care of my Saturday.

So I did not get my spooky cabin cut out. Which means I'm not putting it together this morning. (I know better than to plan what I want to do) This morning I spent at SVGCuts with Mary. I have been watching her videos of the kits I think I want. And guess what...I want all of them! I think I have replaced my cricut cartridge  obsession with SVGCuts! Oh well at least there are no calories or carbs.

Are you still here? I do have a card to show you. One of our neighbors died this past week. She lived here over 50 years. She lost her husband several years ago. She fell last year and my hubby found her outside. She was in a hospital then a rehab. She had a stroke and never got to come home again. We went to school with her kids so we've known her forever.

Here's her family's  card:

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor friend! I know her family will really appreciate this beautiful and elegant card, Stephanie! I love that cut. The pearls add such a lovely touch to the centers of the flowers. :)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Stephanie, the card you make is so pretty. I am sure it will be appreciated. (I did enjoy your story about taking care of your husb and I love the way you rationalize our "obsession" over craft supplies, no carbs/fat/calories, we are set, LOL!!)

  3. Wonderful card, so sorry for your less Stephanie. Hugs, Karon.

  4. I can so relate Stephanie, every time I make "plans" to do something I want to do my hubby or kids will change that. lol Never, ever fails! I often tell hubby "I'm not doing that" but end up in the end doing it anyway. So frustrating to say the least, at least I know I'm not alone in this. lol I'm so very sorry to hear about your neighbor, so sad. I do love your sympathy card however and I'm sure it will bring comfort to the family. On a good note, at least your neighbor is with her hubby now. Big hugs my friend, Brenda

  5. So sorry about your friend. I am sure your beautiful card brought them some comfort. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,