Saturday, January 10, 2015

More birthdays

Good evening. I hope your Friday was good. Here it was rainy, cold and nasty. 

Since I haven't really made much of anything, I'll just have to show you some more birthday cards.

It's been so cold a lot of my cards have snowflakes on them.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Very cute! It has been very cold in my area too!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. CUTE Card Steph! I read Tanya stating the same thing... Cold where she's at too... The only good thing about my move for me.... the weather! HA No Snow and we're in the mid 50's - 60's.... So I can't complain... But I feel bad for you and Hope you can stay nice and warm inside the house... :)

  3. Cold and yucky here also. A good day to stay inside and play, which is exactly what I have done all day. Haven't accomplished much, but I've had fun!
    Your snowman is super sweet, I love the pretty blues and great snowflakes. The inside sentiment is really fun also. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, stay warm and dry!

  4. It has been brutally cold and I for one am ready for spring. lol I love your snowman card Stephanie, it certainly is the feeling outside. No snowman are gonna melt anytime soon. Stay warm!! Hugs, Brenda

  5. This is a very cute snowman card. :)
    It's been extremely cold here too. With wind chill, we are sitting at -15 below zero!
    I hope you are staying warm my friend!

  6. What a CUTE snowman! And your cardstock colors are so crisp and bright. This is uh-dorable, Stephanie!

  7. SUPER cute, what a darling snowman!!