Monday, April 27, 2015

YEA! It's Monday!

See, still trying to think positive. haha

Yesterday I finally got my Easter wreath off my door. I replaced it with a peony wreath. (a file from the sil online store.)

It took a while to finish it because I did not like it once I got it started. Still not sure how much I like it but I "had" to finish. With certain things my OCD kicks in big time.( Like if I break a nail, I "have" to file all the others down even so they match.) I used 13 12 x 12 sheets of paper to cut this out. I so wanted to just throw it away but I couldn't. How could I waste 13 sheets of paper on purpose? That ever happen to you

So here it is:

                                         Taken with flash.

                                          Without flash.
 Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Oh, yes, that happens to me all the time. Sometimes the vision in my head just really doesn't match up with the finished product. But I think this wreath is just stunning, Stephanie! The texture and dimension on those flowers is incredible, and I really think it works for a wreath project which needs to have some bulk and heft! Love the colors. Love it all!

  2. Yep Stephanie it happens to us all i'm sure, I know it has happened to me before. I'm glad you didn't throw this out, I actually think it turned out lovely! I would love to hang this on my door! Sometimes we always don't like what we create in the end but to another, it's a jackpot! Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Are you kidding Me??? You don't like this? Seriously??? Well... Send it to ME!!!! I think it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to see it hanging on my door! :) It really is Pretty and you should be proud of it!!! I'm not sure what you were thinking of when you made this... but I certainly like the outcome!!! Let me know if you need my address!!! Hahahaha :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  4. Okay, I have the same thoughts as Theresa....are you kidding me...seriously?? I do know how it feels to have one picture in your head and then have a totally different project when finished. But, seriously, this is gorgeous! Those flowers must have taken a long time to assemble, but so worth the work (and 13 sheets of paper). Glad you didn't trash this my friend, it really is beautiful!

  5. Wow!!! This is stunning Stephanie!! What is it that you don't like about it? I love it and I think you did a fabulous job with it. I wish I could cut silhouette files out on the Explore. lol Cause I would make this puppy for my door too!! Do you get a lot of sun on your door Stephanie? I get lots of morning sun on my front door so fades my papers but I'd still make one if I could. lol Love it my friend, and I hope you come to love it too! Hugs, Brenda

  6. Your wreath is beautiful. I loVe the colors. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  7. Beautiful wreath and fabulous flowers! TFS