Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and school starts is 4 more days. That means I have 4 more sleeps until I have to start getting up with an alarm! (the worse part) UGH!

Today I have some 3d for you. These projects are from a new site I came across a few months ago,
 Fleurette Bloom.  The first project I saw of hers was a wishing well, so cute. Then about a month later the Hooked on Fishing kit came out.  So I started watching her videos to make sure I could understand what was going on. After about 4 months I took the plunge. I bought the fishing and wishing well kits.
I know the sil store has a fish basket  and fish but I have trouble understanding this artists instructions.. Anyway I'm happy with the kit I bought. I did buy the fish file from sil. I added it to the string of fish from the FB kit. (I'm so glad I bought the kit because I don't like the fish very much from the sil store)  The FB kit also has the hat you see(it's actually a box but I wanted it to hang on the wall so I only made the top of it) a card and an old fashioned fishing reel box that I haven't made yet.

I'm entering this in a challenge:

Take a look:

What do you think? Cute kit, huh?
Thanks for dropping by.
Hope it's a great week
Hugs and God bless y'all.

I do not have cateracts - yet! She said there are some changes to my eyes lenses but can't be classified as cataracts just yet. Hope the new glasses help and stop the horrible headaches.
Hubby is the one with 2 small cataracts. I'm the one with the blurry problems, go figure.
Gabe also needed glasses.


  1. Fabulous basket and hat. Glad to hear about the cataracts - lets hope it stays that way! TFS

  2. What a lovely display of projects! My favorite is the tackle box.... I love the colors and the style of it... the hat is pretty cool too! I hope you are staying cool, enjoying the summer, whats left of it anyways! I hope Gabe is excited to start school back up!

  3. Omgosh, yes! VERY cute kit, indeed! Those fish are uhhhdorable! And I love your tackle box made from pink gingham! Super cute hat, too. Love the little fishing lure you have attached. :)
    Hope the new glasses help with the headaches my friend! Have a great weekend

  4. OMHECK!!! Those are some AWESOME 3D projects Stephanie!!! I love each one more and more..... wonderful details on each piece and they look so realistic... I LOVE that!!! So glad you finally took the plunge and bought the kits.... you do amazing 3D projects.... Try and enjoy your last Summer Break Weekend! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  5. Wow...oh wow! These are all fabulous my friend! You are totally the Queen of 3D!
    That hat looks like the real deal and I love the buttons and lures. And, I love the fishing box, the gingham looks wonderful. Those little fish are pretty cute too - I love the bright colors.

  6. What fun projects. I loVe how you hung the hat. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,